These pictures are effortless. The viewer needs only look and smile in recognition of something obvious, but passing. The photographer, through calculated optimism, reasons that the world contains these views of the commonplace if only they can be found and framed. So, he puts on his shoes and begins searching. He doesn’t begin with any idea except that life is a moveable feast, constantly shifting its shapes and shadows. The photographer merely hopes to intersect a moment in time and space and marry it inside his optical chamber.
The wedding, though brief, is a solemn affair, between the photographer’s theory of mind and that moment in space. The contract that was produced is then viewed by the interior committee that every photographer carries inside his head. The photographs presented here made it past this committee and are now maneuvering their way into public view. They represent the notion that there is no Unified Field Theory for visual matter. The world is too complex to be calculated, systematized, and codified the way a curatorial wall statement suggests can be done. These photographs are merely observations of common elements that also happen to be symbols of a state of mind.